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Maura Segal

     When Maura Segal was a child, she loved doing puzzles so much, she wondered how she could turn it into a career as an adult. Looking back, Maura realized that finishing a puzzle gave her a sense of order, of inner-peace, a sense of calm, as if everything made sense, even if just for a fleeting moment. She still feels exactly the same today, when finishing a new piece.

Maura Segal is a person content with lifes daily routine. Her work is a reflection of this seemingly endless cycle of driving down the same Los Angeles streets, day after day, and observing the scenery: curved and sloping lines, a network of intertwining pathways, a city in motion. And the sun-drenched hues of the Southern California palette frame and anchor these dynamic pathways. The meticulous clean lines and brushstrokes in her artwork reflect Maura?s pursuit of order and balance; everything needs to be in its right place. The lines, just like urban roads, are carefully planned out; an ever changing infrastructure, an organized chaos. Maura attempts to organize her world, one artwork at a time.



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