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Richard Johnson
Embellished giclee on Canvas
36"h x 24"w

"What drew me to paint "Arising" was the perfect balance between the woman and the sea. Both are beautiful, both are strong, both have unseen depths that are only hinted at by their surfaces. It is early morning and the woman has come to the shore to draw into herself the quiet and the strength there. The ocean is reaching out and caresses her foot as if hoping to draw her in. I loved the way that the light was dawning on them both. The ocean is dark and hidden as the moon falls away and this same gray color pallet is reflected in the bottom of the woman's skirt. Above the waters the sky is brightening and the white clouds are reflecting back the early morning light. The woman is also reflecting back the sun. It is almost as if she embodies both the sun and the moon. The story of their exchange is played out upon her form that moment when night releases the day."

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