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Richard Johnson
La Reina
Embellished giclee on Canvas
40"h x 30"w

I have watched Spanish Dance for years and have come to be fascinated by the small nuances of the dance. There is always a narrative with the great dancers, a conversation. Each turn of the head, curl of the hand, stamp of the foot means something. So, when I first saw Clarita Filgueiras, the world famous Flamenco dancer, I knew that I was in the presence of that kind of dancer. I was mesmerized by the almost sculptural quality of this moment. It was as if every inch of her was perfectly arranged from her beautifully pointed foot, the flair of her hands, the perfection of each ruffle on her dress, the exquisite set of her head. Yet it was the life inside of her that glowed like a candle in the dark, a controlled energy just waiting to flare to life. The calm before the storm.

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