Vadim Klevenskiy was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (formerly USSR) in 1964. Throughout his schooling years, Klevenskiy was always involved in education that focused on art and its many forms. He has received much training and inspiration through various professors and art institutions, notably Professor Alexander Borisov at the Institute of Cinematography and Shavkat Abdusalamov, a professor and artist. Vadim graduated from college with a degree in Teaching of Drawing and Painting from the Republic College of Art in Moldavia and with a degree in Art Design of Feature Films and TV from the All- Russian Institute of Cinematography in Moscow, Russia.


Vadim has an art style unlike any other seen, though there are strong hints of styles that he wanted to bring out from his favorite masters: Van Gogh, Goya,Rubens, and Giotto. Similar to these masters, Klevenskiy uses intense contrast in colors and shapes to astound the eye.